Psychology based Learning Application and Content Management System

Psychology based Learning Application and Content Management System

About Client

Our client is a technology-driven Psychology based courses selling company in the US. They have two parts (sections), one is a CMS based website using WordPress and another one is LMS based courses selling applications using Moodle.

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Business Challenges

  • The client has good control over their content and courses. However, they were not sure of the technical edge over their competition. They wanted to partner with a technology organization that could assist them in technical process implementation, maintain the technical edge and help the organization to expand in their horizon.
  • There were many processes that they were doing manually, which can be automated saving manual efforts and errors.
  • Management was not getting an insight into the business analytics due to which they were not sure of business actions.

Venture7 Solutions/Engagement Model

The tool helped in the following ways:

  • Venture7 identified all the major requirements of the client and then divided them into 3 sections. These included immediate, important, and long-term.
  • Filtered all the available data and converted it into comparable data with last month’s performance.
  • The first most pressing need of the client was updating the UI and presentation of their existing Moodle LMS. This was done at the highest priority.
  • During that exercise, it was realized that the client did not have a clear idea of the difference between the use of CMS and LMS.
  • It was discovered that the client needs technical inputs for their course design, cohort setup, podcast, and course pages. This has been completed and the client now feels that they have an edge over their competition.
  • Some of the other things that helped clients were to automate their email sync with MailChimp with both LMS and CMS platforms.
  • Another thing which is under WIP is Panel for client using which client can get into the data analytics of the course registrations and completions.

Tools & Technology used

  • PHP
  • Moodle
  • WordPress
  • Postgres DB
  • MySQL
  • AWS

Key Benefits/ Value Delivered

  • Developed an Integrated solution so that manual intervention is minimized.
  • Customized reporting solution to meet client requirements to assist them in marketing and business decisions.
  • Productization of each solution so that it can be replicated to other platforms and processes.
  • Real time report availability.

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