We are full-fledged software services company focusing on product engineering and integration services. Our key Center Of Excellence (COE) are Technology, QualityAscent and DataTandem. These are the three pillars on which any business build it’s development, quality, and data integration/data analytics. We invest heavily in business innovation that matters. Future of Work as our fourth pillar that will assist you shine as the market leader


We have tailored Agile development methodologies to suit needs of businesses at various stages of product maturity. We provide Managed Services, Consulting Services and integrated Agile SCRUM teams to work with your in-house technology team as well as your other vendor partners.

With our strong experience of working with teams from more than 7 timezones, on both new product development and maintaining existing products, we are right-sized technology vendor-partner to scale your business.

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We are one of the leading Independent Software Testing(IST) Service Provider Company which aims to enhance your software product quality.

Our proprietary test automation framework will save months of automation time over other vendors. This DevOps integrated suite can run without manual intervention and it covers functional, performance, mobile, API, database and security testing. It can run on multiple machines/browsers/devices (iOS as well as Android). Think of automatic video recording of test execution report emailed to you, we can do it for you by using this framework.

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Future of Work

As the technology landscape is moving from Mobile-first to an AI-first world, businesses are recognising need of dedicated artificial intelligence teams. Lots of scholars and business leaders argues that soon all the tech enabled businesses will have 'Chief of AI'. We are working with our customers to research how Data Science and AI applications will impact their businesses.

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As data continues to rise in volume and variety, and businesses grow more data-centric. The decision-making power of advanced algorithms are now need of the enterprises of all sizes.

We use of machine learning tools to unlock value in data science  and extract insights for business leaders. Depending upon organisation needs, we offer various services including establishing new data/analytics practice, support existing teams on major technology platforms in DWH/ETL/BI/Reporting and building ML & Advanced Analytics capabilities for future ready businesses.

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CrowdTesting is dead. SkyTesters, our pioneer crowdtesting platform is reborn in its new Avatar. Skytesters is the only lightweight SaaS platform offering complete product development lifecycle management including beta testing capabilities.

Skytesters ALM workflow image
  • Define

    Create requirements, user stories, issues for easy tasks distribution across your software team.

  • Execute

    Plan sprints, prioritize tasks and track your team's work in full context with complete visibility.

  • Beta Test

    Reach out to your end user community for beta testing, and manage the fixes.

  • Release

    With the right quality insight, delight your customers with suitable product and desired customer experience.


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