Future of Work

We work with industry leaders and our existing customers to explore synergies on changing technology landscape. Together we analyze the probable future challenges and user expectations that will define the business.

As the technology landscape is moving from Mobile-first to an AI-first world, businesses are recognizing need of dedicated artificial intelligence teams. Lots of scholars and business leaders argue that in the immediate future all the tech enabled businesses will have 'Chief of AI'. We are working with our customers to research how Data Science and AI applications will impact their businesses.

Data Science & Machine Learning @ Venture7

As the future Data Science projects will scale to new heights, more human experts will be required to handle highly complex tasks very efficiently. However, according to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the next decade will witness a sharp shortage of around 250,000 Data Scientists in the U.S. alone.

With the quality of the algorithms maturing and affordability of tools are on cloud, we are deploying machine learning algorithms for predictive data insight. Our teams are trained to use all leading cloud platforms to deploy the big data and process it for meaningful business insights.

ChatBots Defining The Future of Work

Gartner predicts that by 2020 people will have more conversations with chatbots than their spouse,

We see AI transforming every industry. Peek inside an AI-enabled hospital, an AI-assisted retail store and a predictive analytics system that talk. Pursuing the same goal, we are implementing chatbots across industry verticals; be it a mobile app for services, a user interaction with healthcare company or brokers reaching out to their realtor. We work in line with our customer requirements to design various chatbots on leading platforms to help them grow their businesses. Our chatbots can be integrated with website or even with other messengers apps like WhatsApp, Facebook.

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We at Venture7 have always been striving to stay ahead and take our esteemed client’s business growth on a fast track by implementing technological advancements that adds value by saving time by providing ease of implementation and use.

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