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DevOps Integration

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    Why is it special?

    • With the help of Maven Build Lifecycle, right from the project structure to building steps, Maven provides conventions to follow. If we follow those conventions, with minimal configuration we can easily get the build job done.
    • Integration with continuous delivery using CI/CD tools like Jenkins / Bamboo / TeamCity.
    • Automated Build deploy after developer code check-in based on schedule triggering.
    • Implementation of Container technology, Docker, a platform that allows users to easily pack, distribute, and manage applications within containers.
    • Selenium based State-of-Art test automation framework, which helps in writing the test scripts quickly and easily and execute automatically.
    • The Page Object Model (POM) at test script level provides easy to use, customizable functions where new keywords can be easily added, executed and generate reports.

    Venture7® Devops assured Quality Product Delivery

    We implement an event-driven delivery automation engine that maintains a rich model of your app and delivery flow and is fully programmable in code. Everything happens beyond the pipelines.

    Tools used in DevOps

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