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Building Chatbots with Microsoft Bot Framework

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    Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework

    Bots have mushroomed and they are everywhere. The new avatar ‘bots’ with ‘intelligent context’ have made them the ‘best bet’ to succeed apps websites. Consequently, Microsoft rolled out its own framework ‘Microsoft Bot Framework’ an open source and free platform for building conversational bots.

    Microsoft Bot Framework is an amazing framework that people are using more and more to build Bots these days, because it is so simple to put together a Bot very quickly.


    Microsoft Bot Framework gives us abstractions to build bots against a single API and take care of its integration with various services like FB messenger, slack, skype etc. Developers are free to work more closely over the bot experience rather than channel integration details. Access to LUIS is another most significant advantage of using Microsoft bot building tools.

    Enterprise Solutions

    Build secure, global and scalable solutions that integrate with your existing IT ecosystem.


    Create an AI experience that extends your brand and keeps you in control of your data

    AI using NLP

    Create a bot that can speak, listen and learn from users with Azure Cognitive Services.

    Open & Extensible

    Benefit from open source SDK to build, test, and connect bots that interact with users.

    Microsoft Bot Framework Components

    A public directory for published bots. Bots are reviewed before being listed and publicly available on Bot Directory.
    Open source and provides us with advanced features to model our conversation, state management, rich attachments, etc. The SDK is available in C# and Node.js.
    Acts as an adapter between our bot and numerous channels that it supports. It also has other features such as state management, storage service, message routing etc.

    Let Venture7® help you implement the Microsoft Bot Framework.