Jmeter Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Let’s determine your web/mobile application performance in terms of responsiveness and stability under peak load. Further, identify the point of a bottleneck due to which application starts degrading performance.

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    Performance Testing at Venture7®

    We at Venture7® use Apache JMeter for Load Testing requirements. JMeter can be used for load testing static as well as dynamic resources. It can generate maximum number of concurrent users that your website can handle.

    JMeter Performance Testing includes:

    • Application Response Testing- Identify application response in best case user load scenario.
    • Load Testing – Generating the expected usage scenario, by simulating multiple user access to the Web services concurrently.
    • Stress Testing - detect the maximum load a web server can handle, when the load goes beyond the limit and the web server starts responding slowly and reporting errors



    Since it's an open source product, it comes with no licensing cost.

    Platform Independent

    Its Java based tool and can be easily interoperated across multiple platforms.

    Distributed Load Testing

    JMeter supports distributed load testing by creating a master-slave setup for carrying out load tests on multiple machines.

    Record and Playback

    JMeter provides record and playback options to create easier and faster scripts.

    Multi-Protocol Support

    JMeter supports several protocols like HTTP, FTP, SOAP, JDBC, JMS, and LDAP. It can also be used for testing the performance of your database.

    Robust Reporting

    JMeter can generate effective reports and the test result can be visualized by using Graph, Chart, and Tree View. JMeter supports different formats for reporting like text, XML, HTML and JSON.

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