Configuration Comparison And Reporting Tools

Configuration Comparison And Reporting Tools

About Client

The client is one of the renowned names in the US Health and Wellness industry. The client provides comprehensive wellness solutions by creating a personalized health journey for employees of large employers nationwide.

Business Challenges

As most of the clients of this product are the insurance service provider, so every service provider has a large number of users who are grouped further based on various characteristics like age group, demographic, and health condition. The wellness solution offers different types of features and services to each group.

So, due to the diversified configurations of each group of the client and further the different requirements of each of the service providers, it was very difficult to verify the configurations of each of the groups, especially on the release night with the maintenance window of less than 1 hour.

Venture7 Solutions/Engagement Model:

We have discussed with the configuration team of the client and developed a configuration verification tool

  • Extract the configuration from the Staging environment in JSON
  • Compare the latest Production configuration with the extracted staging configuration
  • Generates a comparison report by highlighting mismatch configuration
  • Send an e-mail to the Stakeholder.

The tool is also very helpful to identify configuration defects in an early stage by executing them in a lower development environment.

Tools Used

  • Java
  • Excel
  • Jmeter

Key Benefits/ Value Delivered

  • Automation is successfully executing on 5 different browsers.
  • Regression time on a single browser is reduced by 70% due to parallel execution.
  • Browsers and the version compatibility issues were identified in an early stage.
  • Post-production defects are reduced and overall product quality is increased.

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