Importance of Drones in Real Estate


Real estate has been growing enormously and marketing in this sector is one of the most difficult aspects due to high edged competition. This makes it necessary to introduce new technology which can pave the way of continuous growth and profit in real estate industry.

The real estate sector is shifting towards the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the purpose of site selection and marketing. UAV refers to a remote controlled aircraft, with no  pilot on board. It is commonly known as a drone. It is controlled by a ground-based controller or may operate autonomously with pre-programmed automation systems.

It is a powerful tool as far as commercial real estate is concerned. Using aerial photography and videos for site selection is more feasible in getting a clear picture of the site, with better quality. This also ensures better marketing and images of the site which can be shown to tenants in a different and appealing format. This technology has made site selection feasible and easier than before.

Drones have revolutionized the operations of commercial real estate market. It has helped in providing more information to the brokers about the property by taking a clear image of the site and its surroundings. It has made possible, the visualization of the site through high end images without even visiting the place. It has helped in taking appealing and captivating images of the property which was not possible before. This way people can have a look of the site’s surroundings too which gives a fair idea about the traffic and other essentials which you need to look upon before finalizing a property. The comprehensive view of the location also reduces unnecessary visits on the site and makes it a lot more affordable.

This technology also conduct inspections faster which leads to increased efficiency in the whole process and proper maintenance of the property. The high resolution camera provides you even the minute details of the house, it roof and the overall condition which makes inspections easier and safer as you don’t need to climb up to the roofs and other places to inspect the property thoroughly. The buildings with huge roofs can now easily be inspected with the help of drones where the cameras can get easily, without much complications and is more affordable than using a manned plane.

In addition to providing a clear view of the property, the use of drones have made the whole process cheaper than it was earlier. UAVs are affordable and more impactful by providing a new way to view listings.

Real estate marketers are shifting towards the use of drones at a rapid pace which may transform the landscape of this sector by providing 3-D mapping of the properties. It will also lead to more transparency in the whole process by digging out hidden information and documentation about the site, which was not possible to know earlier with the use of outdated technologies. This technology has made it possible for the marketers to stand out from the crowd by providing the customers with more facilities with such advanced technology.

Using this technology requires very little training, which make it easy for people to operate drones in the right way and without much risk and real estate sector uses this technology for a variety of applications. It has also enhanced the way brokers do the listings of the properties and market them by including drone videos and photography in listings. This modern way of real estate business has impacted the marketers and real estate managers in a huge way.

As drones make it possible to dig out more data about a particular property, the data can further be used to compare the ongoing process with the planned one. This enables in keeping a check on the construction progress and can be used to show it to the customers. The resources can also be efficiently managed by monitoring different stages of the construction progress with the help of drone technology.

The way of showcasing properties has been completely transformed by capturing photos and videos from air which helps the buyers to see the properties in a more engaging manner. Drones can easily capture the properties that are on treacherous path without the need of personally visiting the place. It also enables presenting a real-time video which can be effectively used during sales promotions.

Real estate market is one of the early adopters of drone technology as it is paving way for great opportunities for real estate marketers in the filed of site selection and marketing. It has changed the way to show properties to clients which was not possible earlier. The advancements in this technology has proved beneficial for real estate sector.

Though the use of drones is increasing continuously, its success depends on how efficiently it is being used, keeping in mind the little training it includes and the positioning of the camera. The progressive real estate business practices is helping the managers to take the business forward to new levels which was impossible earlier. The drone technology has helped in minimizing the challenges, a real estate sector possess.

This technology has helped in increasing efficiency in the operations and making the process less costly. The wide range of use of this technology in various applications, makes it necessary to include drone technology in this sector. The advancement in this technology has made real estate an important aspect of economy. It helps in bolstering the economy to a different level.

Though this technology is still in its nascent stage, its increasing popularity shows the potential to grow and transform various sectors, including real estate. It has enhanced decision making in commercial real estate sector, along with reduced risk. The digital era is continuously transforming the way we work, exploiting more and more potential to perform along with advanced technology.

There are continuous innovations taking place in drone technology which is making it more and more feasible and prominent as using 3-D images for properties have a number of benefits. Each level of construction has become more transparent with the use of this technology which offers seamless communication at every level. This technology has resulted in bringing significant changes in real estate sector.


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    Pons-Brooks recently captured the attention of astronomers after exhibiting intriguing behavior that caused the comet to have a horned appearance and soar through our solar system.
    The comet has experienced a number of outbursts during the past eight months, causing it to eject gas and dust. While such releases are not uncommon in comets and a crescent or Pac-Man shape has been observed in other ones, it’s difficult to tell what is normal for Pons-Brooks.
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    “I would say it’s somewhat unusual in the number of outbursts it’s been having,” Schleicher said. “On the other hand, it’s not like you have good records from the past to really let you know what is typical. And I suspect given the fairly large number of outbursts that have happened over the last eight months, that this is very clearly a usual occurrence for Pons-Brooks.”

    Comets are chunks of dust, rock and ice, essentially frozen remnants from the formation of the solar system. They also contain frozen elements such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

    Comets heat up and brighten as they approach the sun, and some of the frozen gases stored in comets don’t need to warm up much before they begin to turn into vapor, Schleicher said.

  4. Elon Musk has been getting Trumpier. A direct line to Trump may be next

    Elon Musk has sought to accumulate political capital commensurate with his extravagant wealth. In the past year, Musk has publicly opined on global conflicts, met with numerous world leaders and US senators to discuss artificial intelligence and his space and satellite technologies. And he has courted senior Chinese officials on their home turf.

    Now he is reportedly exploring what could be his next political project: Becoming an adviser to Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.
    Musk has discussed advising Trump should he win the 2024 election, the Journal reported, citing unnamed sources. Musk called Trump directly via cellphone to explore a role that could potentially give Musk significant influence over US policies. It’s not clear based on the Journal’s reporting which party initiated conversations about the potential role.

    The Trump campaign did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment; Musk also did not respond to the Wall Street Journal, but Brian Hughes, a Trump campaign spokesperson, told the outlet: “President Trump will be the only voice of what role an individual plays in his presidency.”

    Musk pushed back on the Journal report in a post on X Thursday, saying: “There have not been any discussions of a role for me in a potential Trump Presidency.”

    However, a potential role in a future Trump administration could expand upon the role that Musk played in the previous Trump administration, when he served on two business advisory councils before quitting them over Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

    The privilege of whispering in Trump’s ear, should he win reelection, could give the billionaire – who is increasingly steeped in the rhetoric and imagery of the conservative culture wars – even more power on the global stage. Reporting that Musk and Trump’s relationship has improved comes after Musk’s politics have become more aligned with Trump’s.

    Musk has made supporting right-wing causes — and extremism, in some situations — increasingly central to his identity. He has vocally opposed Covid-19 lockdowns and embraced anti-vaccine ideology. He has elevated conservative speech on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter that he purchased in 2022. And he has pushed racist conspiracy theories about immigration.

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    Homeowners looking for a roofing provider should verify they choose a contractor with a outstanding reputation and happy patrons, and who hold licenses and insured for worker’s reimbursement also liability damages. Moreover, these specialists ought to possess adequate knowledge and experience to perform a comprehensive inspection also recommend any essential restorations, in addition to providing accurate estimates that include charges or further expenses pertaining to their job.

    Quality roofing contractors provide property owners with documented estimates that clearly outline the scope and expenses connected with the task, including resources required and prices. Furthermore, they should offer no less than three-decade craftsmanship guarantees and being ready for answering any questions that emerge during this procedure.

    While top roof contractors will be honest and straightforward with the patrons, they ought to not pushy when making choices. Ahead of making a final decision they should take time to clarify all parts of a project and respond to any inquiries from clients ahead of coming up with an answer. Likewise they ought to operate within clients’ timelines to guarantee it’s completed within the deadline.

    A reliable covering specialist must have solid partnerships with local suppliers and hold a comprehensive understanding of local supplies obtainable to buy, making them best suited to recommend materials which suit the local weather and can be purchased at a fair price. They must be aware informed of all assurances or warranties provided by makers so as to homeowners enhance their covering value.

    Trustworthy roof providers use advanced CRM software to enhance internal processes and enhance client happiness. This software gives real-time financial oversight and analytics capabilities, permitting contractors to oversee on revenue, expenditures and profitability more efficiently while enhancing project management abilities and making better choices – with increased productivity, greater profitability, and healthier sustainability thought of.

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  10. The Criminal Prosecution of Roman Vasilenko, Founder of “Life-is-Good” and the “Best Way” Cooperative, May Be Discontinued

    According to several sources, the criminal prosecution of Roman Vasilenko, founder of the “Life-is-Good” company and the “Best Way” cooperative, may be discontinued—primarily due to the socio-political resonance it has created. This includes mass protests by cooperative shareholders, including members of the Special Military Operation (SMO) and their families in various regions, who are unhappy that their funds have been blocked in accounts for two years, preventing them from either retrieving the funds or purchasing an apartment.

    The Case

    The criminal case, which investigators link to the St. Petersburg-based marketing company “Life-is-Good,” the foreign investment company “Hermes,” and the “Best Way” consumer cooperative registered in St. Petersburg and operating throughout Russia, was initiated in the fall of 2021 by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. It was transferred to the court in February of this year and is being heard by the Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg.

    Ten people are on trial: technical employees of “Life-is-Good” and Viktor Vasilenko, Roman Vasilenko’s 83-year-old father, a pensioner.

    The criminal case being considered by the Primorsky District Court raises many questions—initially and increasingly as the trial progresses. Three charges are brought: creating a financial pyramid, fraud, and organizing a criminal community. The total damage amounts to 282 million rubles, which is incomparable with the more than 8 billion rubles seized in the case, including 4 billion on the accounts of the “Best Way” cooperative. The investigation recognized 221 citizens as victims in the case.

    Who is Vasilenko?

    Roman Viktorovich Vasilenko is a St. Petersburg business consultant, founder of a network of independent entrepreneurs promoting financial products under the aegis of his company “Life-is-Good,” and founder of the International Business Academy IBA.

    The network under “Life-is-Good” promoted competitive products such as “Vista” passive income accounts from the foreign investment company “Hermes,” registered in Belize, and installment-based apartment purchases through the “Best Way” cooperative, where initial contributions could be made or accumulated in a cooperative account interest-free.

    Unlike “Hermes,” Vasilenko was the founder and chairman of the “Best Way” cooperative until spring 2021 (later serving as head of the supervisory board for about a year). Since spring 2022, he has been an ordinary cooperative member, not part of its governing bodies.

    Vasilenko has worked not only in Russia but also in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Cyprus, Austria, and Hungary. Cooperative housing projects have been established in many of these countries.

    Vasilenko is also known as a philanthropist who has invested millions of rubles in supporting federal business initiatives (the “Synergy” forum), cultural initiatives (the “Dobrovidenie” festival), and other charitable activities, including supporting children’s medical institutions.

    Roman Vasilenko was also charged in the ongoing criminal case, declared wanted, including through Interpol, as he has been living abroad for family reasons since the COVID-19 pandemic, as he told the press. However, sources indicate that Interpol and foreign states, including neighboring countries where he also actively works, deemed his prosecution unjustified. Another criminal case against him is being investigated by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg, concerning the “Life-is-Good” leadership team.

    Clients and Shareholders Protest

    The trial in the Primorsky District Court has not been going well for the prosecution and state authorities. The majority of those who have testified so far have made claims for amounts ranging from a few hundred to a few tens of thousands of rubles, raising questions about the relevance of such sums in a criminal court. Additionally, many recognized as victims are making financial claims for non-refundable fees and commissions, which they agreed to in their contracts. For example, Dolyan, a recognized victim, closed his contract with the cooperative several years ago without complaints but filed a police report demanding the return of a non-refundable entry fee of just over 100 thousand rubles, prompted by an investigator’s suggestion.

    Most “Hermes” clients, numbering over two hundred thousand in Russia, and tens of thousands of “Best Way” cooperative shareholders, blame law enforcement for their problems. They assert that a St. Petersburg system administrator for “Hermes,” Evgeny Naboychenko, disrupted the Russian payment system. The cooperative’s accounts have been almost continuously frozen for over two years due to prosecution requests (the cooperative has repeatedly won court cases to lift account freezes, but only once for about a month did payments proceed without bank blocks).

    Thousands of shareholders and their families have held rallies and meetings in support of their cooperative. Three waves of rallies swept across Russia last year, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, including events supporting the cooperative on the eve of the presidential elections. Hundreds of appeals have been sent to the president’s direct line.

    Among the affected are hundreds of shareholders participating in the SMO and those with family members in the SMO. They are outraged that while they or their relatives defend the country at the front, they face what they consider injustice at home.

    According to the “Best Way” cooperative council, shareholders have sent over 17,000 appeals to various authorities, including more than 360 to the Russian President’s Administration.


    According to the cooperative council, during the entire confrontation with St. Petersburg law enforcement, “Best Way” shareholders have filed over 17,000 complaints and appeals to various state and law enforcement agencies, including:

    – More than 5200 petitions to investigators to lift account freezes
    – Almost 800 complaints under Article 124 of the Criminal Procedure Code (complaints to the prosecutor and head of the investigative body)
    – More than 560 complaints under Article 125 (judicial review complaints against investigative actions)
    – Almost 40 complaints under Article 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code from shareholders with complete debt repayment documents, unable to register property ownership
    – About 90 petitions to lift apartment freezes
    – More than 50 civil lawsuits from shareholders for damages caused by St. Petersburg law enforcement actions
    – A collective complaint to the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia signed by 901 people
    – More than 900 complaints to the Investigative Committee of Russia
    – More than 950 complaints to the FSB of Russia
    – More than 500 appeals to the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov
    – More than 450 complaints to the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov
    – More than 360 appeals to the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia
    – More than 1340 complaints to the qualification board of judges about judges’ decisions affecting the cooperative
    – A complaint to the Supreme Court of Russia signed by 851 people
    – An appeal to State Duma Deputy Anzhelika Glazkova signed by 884 people
    – More than 480 appeals to the Central Bank to exclude the cooperative from the Central Bank’s blacklist
    – More than 700 appeals to Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova
    – More than 360 appeals to the Russian President’s Administration
    – More than 500 appeals to the president’s direct line from cooperative shareholders

    The cooperative enjoys significant support in various Russian regions, notably from local deputies. In Bashkortostan, a law on tax benefits for cooperatives was essentially adopted for “Best Way.”

    The authors of the appeals hope that given the socio-political situation surrounding the criminal case and the cooperative’s social benefits for Russia, including support for SMO participants, law enforcement will make fair decisions, allowing the cooperative to continue its work unhindered.

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    Contraindications for laser removal of papillomas include acute inflammation and skin infections in the treatment area, colds, psoriasis in the acute phase, severe blood clotting disorders, active oncology, and pregnancy.

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    How much does laser removal of papillomas cost in Moscow?
    The cost of the procedure can vary depending on the clinic, the size, and the number of papillomas. On average, prices for removing one papilloma range from 500 to 3000 rubles. For example, removing papillomas on the face can cost up to 3000 rubles per element, while mass removal of up to 10 papillomas can cost 550 rubles per unit.

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