Dribbble Meetup

Feel free to join Designers from the Local Community and make MeetUp even more happening

Delhi NCR Dribbble Meetup 2019

Dribbble Meetup 2019 offers you an opportunity to hang out, talk, and nurture your local design domain through creatively designed fun activities and group engaging discussions.. You will get a nexus with industry designers who are exploring new product design day by day. There will be snack time enjoyment too. Thousands of designers globally attend Dribbble Meetups each year.


Here’s what you can expect

  • Networking (yes, you may be required to wear a name tag)
  • Design challenge and other activities
  • Snacks provided
  • Swag from Dribbble
09 th

Nov10:00 to 16:00 Hrs.
Address: #507, SRS IT Tower, Sector 31 Near Mewla Maharajpur Metro Station, Haryana 121003


Abhinav Agrawal
Nitish Khagwal
Chaman Sharma


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